Deploy Crypto Token on the Sei Blockchain

Unlock the potential of your crypto token by deploying it on the Sei Blockchain. Experience fast and secure transactions, decentralized governance, and seamless integration with existing blockchain ecosystems.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the Sei Blockchain?
The Fastest Parallel Blockchain pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology through open source development, Sei stands to unlock a brand new design space for consumer facing applications. For more information visit
How can I deploy my CW20 token on the Sei Blockchain?
To deploy your crypto token navigate to the deploy page and have over 50 SEI in your wallet. Follow the steps and click "create".
On which DEX should I list my token?
A good way to list your token is Astroport. Just create a pool for your token and provide liquidity.
Is there a fee for deploying my crypto token on the Sei Blockchain?
Yes, there is a fee of 50 SEI associated with deploying your crypto token with SEI-Launcher.
How can I update my token infos on Astroport? (e.g logo)
You can update your token infos by following the instructions on the Astroport Github page.
How can I list my token on coinhall?
Follow the instructions on Coinhall wiki and submit the google form.
How to renounce my contract?
Visit your contracts page on Seiscan and click "clear admin". Additionally, execute "update minter" without input to clear the minter.
How to burn my liquidity provider tokens (LP)?
To "burn" your LP tokens, just send them to your liquidity pool's address or to your renounced contract. Never execute the liquidity provider contracts "burn" function as it will redistribute your liquidity to all other liquidity providers.